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I admit it. It was me.
I am a broken man.
Of course, Jonah is still wrong. (Here’s his original post, to which I had responded.) I mean how can you argue with this:

Kiss does begin with the letter K, but “Kay” is the name of the jewellers. Why else point this out? Why not offer the tagline “Every Hug Begins with H” or “Love begins El”? Or, for that matter, “We have armadillos in our trousers.”?

The incoherence of it is baffling from an intellectual powerhouse like Jonah. Baffling and aggravating.
I knew this guy whose last name was Bee. No kidding. Now if he were a jeweler, I could totally understand Jonah’s objection if the slogan was…. oh, nevermind. But my point is, that it’s just a stupid pun!
You know what aggravates me more than Jonah’s aggravation with this ad? The fact that I am so aggravated by his aggravation. GGGGGAAAAAAAAAAHHHHHHHHH!!!!!!
[Edited later (still stewing about this): When Michelin showed a little baby riding around on rain slicked roads and implored us to buy its tires "because so much is riding on" them, should we have taken them to literally mean that we're child endangering sociopaths if we don't? Nooooo. So should we take Kay literally to mean that we shouldn't expect a kiss if we don't bring the bling? Nooooo.
I guess my point is this: I can grant Jonah his premise that any woman who expects a bauble for every kiss is indeed a whore. But the premise is a total non-sequitur. That is not the intent or the inference to be taken from the ad. ]
[Edited still later: Welcome Cornerites! Thanks Jonah for sending everyone my way. Feel free to poke around, though posting has been awfully light lately. By the way - as Jonah's Military Guy attests in the comments below, Jonah's still wrong.]

Cindy Sheehan is absolutely insane

Newsweek has posted a quick interview with this wacko in which she makes two simply incredible claims: 1) the media hurt her peace movement by failing to give it adequate coverage. 2) The media has never questioned Bush about his “lies” about WMD’s in Iraq.
Wait. Make that three: 3) She is responsible for bringing the Iraq war to the “forefront of American consciousness.”
The woman is crazy. C-R-A-Z-Y!!! In anwers to 3 of only 4 questions, she demonstrates that she is completely unhinged and doesn’t have even the slightest grasp on reality. Which is actually kind of sad, I guess.

The latest attacks on W are shameful….

These posts on The Corner pretty well crystallize what I’ve been thinking about the spying relevations, etc.
From Mark Levin:

Finally, with allegations of lying about pre-war intelligence, exposing prison “rendition” in Europe, demanding withdrawal from Iraq, undermining aggressive interrogation of al-Qaeda terrorists, killing key aspects of the Patriot Act, and now eavesdropping, is it just me, or is there an unrelenting attack on core aspects of our post-9/11 homeland security efforts? I have no doubt we will win the war on terrorism overseas, as long as we succeed in overcoming the same domestic elements–among them, media, academia, anti-war left–which brought defeat in Vietnam. After all, 9/11 was no distant act of war, the polls indicate the American people see much of this as partisan politics by the Democrats, and it reinforces the view that Democrats are weak on national security.
Perhaps it’s time to more aggressively scrutinize the motives and tactics of the war’s opponents–rather than mostly react to their allegations. So far, the opponents have largely received a pass. It is often assumed that they mean well, that they want us to win the war, that they would never put politics before country, and so forth. Yet, many on the Left–including Democrat leaders in Congress–feel no similar obligation when they accuse the president of lying, authorizing torture, and violating the Constitution. Besides, they are undermining our war effort.

And Michael Ledeen:

How right you are. It reminds me of the outrage expressed by Senator Kennedy when news of the mining of the Nicaraguan harbors (with non-lethal devices) broke in the press. The State Dept guy in charge of Latin America at the time, Tony Motley, sat and listened to TK emote for a while and then said “just remember one thing, Senator. More people died at Chappaquiddick than in Puerta Managua.” Of course the committee had been briefed over and over again, but the press wasn’t interested in pointing fingers at the Democratic legislators, any more than they are today.
People with children and spouses fighting terrorists around the world have no trouble understanding what is going on here; it’s a systematic attempt to destroy the Bush presidency, regardless of the cost to the nation or to the cause of liberty on the planet. It’s disgusting.


The Victoria’s Secret Fashion Show is not being broadcast in HD! WTF?
I am outraged. And as a show of my disgust, I am officially boycotting CBS starting @ 11:00 pm ET, tomorrow. For a full 24 hours. NO CBS watching at all. None.
UPDATE: Call off the boycott. The show was broadcast in yummy HD goodness. Kudos to CBS for their wisdom.

Christmas tidings!

Hey, looky here! Turns out I have a blog! Sorry for the long absence. I have no excuse.
Anyway, since we’re in the Christmas season, I thought you all might enjoy this little rant about how ridiculously PC the holiday has become. Those offended by coarse language would be advised to visit. instead.
Merry F-ing Christmas!