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Bolton: His single-mindedness is good unless you don’t like his single-mindedness

Here’s a classic bit of thinking from Chuck Schumer.

New York’s senior senator said he was weighing Mr. Bolton’s backing of Israel against his unwillingness to work with other countries at the United Nations. “There’s a good part of Bolton. He’s been a staunch and very good defender of Israel,” Mr. Schumer said on CNN’s “Late Edition.” “There’s a bad part of Bolton. He seems to have a ‘go it alone’ attitude at a time when we need the nations of the world on our side. We’ve seen that in Iran and North Korea.”

Got that? Schumer doesn’t like it when Bolton “goes it alone” when we need other nations on our side. But Bolton’s “staunch defense” of Israel is great. WTF?
We’ve been busting our ass (successfully) to get the rest of the Security Council on board with hemming in Iran. Ditto with North Korea. In fact, about the only subject upon which we are actually “going it alone” is…….wait for it…….
ISRAEL! We are Israel’s only “staunch and very good defender.” On every subject and practically every vote, we are “going it alone” on Israel.
Do politicians ever think about what they are going to say before they open their mouths?