Monthly Archives: December 2006

Some disorganized thoughts on Michigan

How many times does OSU have to beat them for people to get that they can’t beat us?
Why would you want a rematch of a game that was just played? An OSU/UM rematch is completely different than, say, an OSU/UT rematch, or God forbid, a UM/Notre Dame rematch. Each team is a different team than they were in September. Thus a rematch would be an interesting test of each team’s improvements and exposed deficiencies that perhaps weren’t obvious in September.
On the other hand, OSU just beat Michigan. We’re both the teams we’ll be on January 8. So what’s the point?
And I am tired of the argument that Michigan deserves more respect than Florida because they came within 3 points of the #1 team on their home field? Don’t kid yourself. If we had played Michigan again, they wouldn’t have come within two touchdowns. Face it: We handed them 10 points on a silver platter. Our first turnover game them the ball on what? Our 25? Anyone recall how many yards they gained on that series? Anyone familiar with the expression “3 yards and a cloud of dust?” Well, there was no dust. Just the 3 yards. The best the “second best team in the country” could muster on that drive starting at our 25 was three points, or put another way, 1 point per yard. They scored again when we coughed the ball up on the 9 yard line. So for those 10 points, they had to gain a whole 12 yards. If we play them again, they don’t score those 10 points. Suddenly, their 3 point loss is a 13 point loss in a gaime they were never really in. I think it was Pat Forde on that pointed out that for all Michigan’s heroics, they only had one opportunity to take the lead in the second half, (it was 31-35) and they went three and out. We promptly drove the length of the field for a touchdown. Game over.
Bring on the Gators. Michigan showed a complete inability to stop us. No doubt the Gators effort will be just as futile. Then can everyone shut up about the SEC being the best conference in the nation?