Monthly Archives: May 2007


The Hotline blog highlights this exhange between Barack Obama and George Stephanopolous:

STEPHANOPOULOS: You’ve also said that with Social Security, everything should be on the table.
STEPHANOPOULOS: Raising the retirement age?
OBAMA: Everything should be on the table.
STEPHANOPOULOS: Raising payroll taxes?
OBAMA: Everything should be on the table. I think we should
approach it the same way Tip O’Neill and Ronald Reagan did back in
1983. They came together. I don’t want to lay out my preferences
beforehand, but what I know is that Social Security is solvable. It
is not as difficult a problem as we’re going to have with Medicaid and
STEPHANOPOULOS: Partial privatization?
OBAMA: Privatization is not something that I would consider….

So everything should be on the table except the stuff that I don’t want to be on the table. Idiot. Why is this lightweight even being humored with support in the polls?