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I couldn’t agree more…..

Rich Lowry:

I really don’t know who to root for in the Democratic race. I’m obviously with all those complaining about Obama’s messianism. And I agree with my friend Peter Feld who had this excellent piece in the New York Post yesterday pointing out how candidates elected on soaring, unrealistic promises of change usually have trouble governing once they are in office (e.g. Deval Patrick, Jimmy Carter). There is a grounding and a realism to Hillary that I have found appealing. I still remember what she said in reply to Obama in some debate long ago: the day after the election later this year, everyone is going to still believe everything they did they day before, i.e. everyone isn’t suddenly going to agree with Obama’s liberalism. That’s exactly right. Plus, I sympathize with Hillary’s lunch-bucket constituency (former constituency?) more than Obama’s upscale liberals. Yet the Clintons have been simply repellent on the campaign trail, and Obama has run an honorable campaign and is a genuinely likable and talented guy. So I was delighted as Obama’s lead grew and grew to 17 points last night, at the same time I was cheered back in January by Hillary’s puncturing of the insufferable Obama hype in New Hampshire. At this point, I guess I could welcome anything: an Obama steam-roller through Texas and Ohio that ends the House of Clinton with a bang, or a Hillary comeback that pricks the ridiculous Obama bubble and draws out the race. There’s nothing to do but sit back and enjoy.

Another ambulance chasing idiot

In a story about the Tiger attack at the San Fransisco Zoo, and 911 recordings that seem to indicate that a zoo employee, in another part of the zoo, having the story relayed to him over a two-way radio, seemed not to believe what he was being told:

Michael Cardoza, a personal injury lawyer hired by Sousa’s parents, said Tuesday that his clients had not yet listened to the recordings.
Cardoza said he was struck by how cogent the brother who made the 911 call sounded, despite his obvious terror and the initial incredulity of zoo employees.
“That is tantamount to me going up to a cop saying, ‘There is a guy with a gun behind our building and he just shot somebody,’ and the cop saying, ‘Are you on drugs?’” Cardoza said. “Why don’t you go check it out first, and then question the reliability of the people who are reporting it, especially when one of them is standing there bleeding?”

Fucking idiot. In fact, it’s much closer in comparison to a prison employee running up to a prison guard, saying “Come quick” there’s an inmate over there with a gun!!” In that case, the prison guard would rightly be skeptical. But a cop on the street, responding to a distressed citizen? I don’t think so.
He’s so blinded by dollar signs, the damn ambulance chaser can’t even put together a coherent analogy. Oh, but wait. The proper analogy doesn’t put the dollar signs in his pocket. Nevermind.
And funny how the reporter mentions the fact that despite his incredulousness, he did in fact call 911.


From the Dispatch:

Change of plans
The Buckeyes were scheduled to set up camp for the first two days at Tulane University’s outdoor practice field, then move to the indoor facility of the New Orleans Saints’ practice complex for the last run-through Saturday.
But they will work out in the Saints’ indoor field today because the cold front that pushed temperatures below freezing the past two nights has included a stiff wind the Buckeyes would rather avoid.
LSU is practicing in the Superdome all week

Excuse me? LSU gets the Superdome for practice? How is that determined? Ohio State is the home team, is it not?
So LSU is going to enjoy home field advantage by virtue of geography, plus they get a whole week to practice on the field, too? Why not just play the game at LSU?

Glory be the BCS!

Last night was a pretty shocking night of college football. #1 and #2, Missouri and West Virginia, both went down in flames on the season’s last night of college football. And so Ohio State, which lost it’s next to last game of the season, nevertheless is poised to be No. 1 and playing for the National Championship in January.
As my father often says on the golf course, sometimes it’s better to be lucky than good………..
Go Bucks!

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There is a new style, which I will stick with until I understand this MT4 thing, and find a new style that I like.

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Who’s a junior senator?

Is bias in the MSM so pervasive now that they not only show bias to the D’s, but they are now comfortable revealing their primary picks?
See if you can pick up the subtle bias in Hillary’s favor here:

By last night, senior aides to Clinton, who represents New York, and Obama, the junior senator from Illinois, were quarreling on television, their raised voices a measure of how competitive the 2008 presidential campaign has become with more than six months until the first votes are cast.

Catch that? Clinton represents New York, while Obama is just the “junior” senator from Illinois. Why doesn’t it say, “Clinton, the junior Senator from New York, and Obama, who represents Illinois……”? Only the “journalist” who wrote the article knows for sure.