Cuba braces for U.S. attack

Well, obviously, Castro is dead. There’s no other way to explain this bizarre turn of events, is there? By using the ricidulous claim that the United States is about to attack, Cuba can use the impending invasion as cover to mobilize the military throughout the country — so that they can put down any resistance or any too joyous celebration when the truth about their dear leader comes out.

One thought on “Cuba braces for U.S. attack

  1. Greg

    “Cubans interviewed on state-run media Friday said they would fight to the death against any invaders from the north…”
    What if we swung around and came at ‘em from the Dominican, would they fight to the death then? Y’know, get them on a technicality, “Hey, we came at you from the Southeast, you didn’t say anything about fighting to the death against invaders from the Southeast”. It could work.

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