Fatuous bumperstickers

Something that really bugs me are sanctimonious prigs who cover their cars with left-wing bumperstickers. I saw one today that pious asked, “Who would Jesus bomb?”
What a stupid friggin’ question. Why on earth would Jesus use a bomb when he could just wipe out every living creature on the planet (except, of course, anyone he thought was righteous enough) with a flood?
Morale of the story: Don’t get all self-righteous and start throwing around stupid cliches unless you really consider what you are saying.
And while I’m on the subject, you might do will to consider what the Islamofacists believe their Allah requires of them. In their view, the question “Who would Allah bomb?” is easily answered: everyone and anyone, as long as it’s in Allah’s name.
In light of enemy’s mindset in this regard, Jesus just might do well to start packing some heat, if he cares for his flock.

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