If there’s anything I love more than beating the U of M, it’s beating Notre Dame. And last night, the Buckeyes didn’t just beat them, they punished them. Punished them for thinking they are back. As Mike Celizic says, not quite.
Here’s another great article from CNNSI.com. One of his most interesting observations:

Every game story will note that the Buckeyes won with big-play TDs: Ginn’s 56-yard reception and his 68-yard reverse, a play that left so many Irish defenders sprawled on the turf that I thought I was watching the climactic scene from Horse Feathers; Santonio Holmes’ 85-yard reception; and, lastly, Antonio Pittman’s 60-yard off-tackle run. What every story may not mention is that all four of those scores occurred on the very next play after the Buckeyes had converted a third-down try.

Pat Forde at ESPN.com has a great article about Smith and how OSU is aiming for a national title next year. And where will it be played?

After shredding the Fighting Irish, Smith was asked whether he knew where the ’07 national title game will be played.
“The national championship game is here next year,” Smith said, on cue, then smiled. “We like that.”
The Buckeyes have to love that. They own the Valley of the Sun in a way the Cardinals and Sun Devils can only dream of.

I love that line.
Charlie “The Genius” Weis takes some pretty serious criticism in the Chicago Tribune.

A coach’s preparation is a key to any big game, so if Weis is to be given credit for the Irish’s many successes, he also must be accountable for their glaring gaps and lapses this time.

The New York Times also has lots of good things to say about Ohio State.
Perhaps they shouldn’t call it the Fiesta Bowl anymore. As the Wall Street Journal suggests, “Maybe they should just call it the Buckeye Bowl.”
And finally, how could I comment on the game without mentioning the unseemly Brady-Laura-A.J. triangle? From the Dayton Daily News:

“Even before Thanksgiving, when both teams had two or three games left, I said, ‘Have you heard we could possibly play you guys if we win out and you win out?’ ” Robin Quinn recalled. “And he said, ‘Yeah, there’s a rumor of that.’ I said, ‘That would be awkward because you would be sacking my son.’ And he said, ‘Yes, I would.’

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