Another ambulance chasing idiot

In a story about the Tiger attack at the San Fransisco Zoo, and 911 recordings that seem to indicate that a zoo employee, in another part of the zoo, having the story relayed to him over a two-way radio, seemed not to believe what he was being told:

Michael Cardoza, a personal injury lawyer hired by Sousa’s parents, said Tuesday that his clients had not yet listened to the recordings.
Cardoza said he was struck by how cogent the brother who made the 911 call sounded, despite his obvious terror and the initial incredulity of zoo employees.
“That is tantamount to me going up to a cop saying, ‘There is a guy with a gun behind our building and he just shot somebody,’ and the cop saying, ‘Are you on drugs?’” Cardoza said. “Why don’t you go check it out first, and then question the reliability of the people who are reporting it, especially when one of them is standing there bleeding?”

Fucking idiot. In fact, it’s much closer in comparison to a prison employee running up to a prison guard, saying “Come quick” there’s an inmate over there with a gun!!” In that case, the prison guard would rightly be skeptical. But a cop on the street, responding to a distressed citizen? I don’t think so.
He’s so blinded by dollar signs, the damn ambulance chaser can’t even put together a coherent analogy. Oh, but wait. The proper analogy doesn’t put the dollar signs in his pocket. Nevermind.
And funny how the reporter mentions the fact that despite his incredulousness, he did in fact call 911.

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