Love Maria Sharapova, but……

Seriously. What’s she thinking here? A MooMoo has no place on the tennis court.
Tennis, especially in Australia, can be a hot and sweaty endeavor. That’s why something like this is more appropriate:
And besides, it’s smokin’ hot.
So let’s review:
NOT Hot.
Even Sharpova agrees; the jealousy in those eyes is undeniable:
DAMN - That's a fine ass
Now, I have a solution that I think could reap Maria – and professional tennis – untold millions. I think the MooMoo part of the Sharapova’s outfit should be detachable. And at some point in every match, right when she’s ready to deliver the smackdown to her opponent, she should dramatically rip of the dress, revealing a small, tight fitting two piece. Something like, oh, I dunno…..
I can’t speak for all men, of course. But I for one would tune into every match.
Like I said – untold millions. Are you listening Maria?

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