Why should you respect the box?  I stole the idea wholesale from the inestimable Professor Volokh.  As usual it’s just a simple observation from him that makes a lot of sense.  It comes from this post, which reads in full:

“Respect the Box”: I was just thinking back to a particular set of incidents (the details need not detain us), and it struck me how important it is both to think outside the box and to understand why the box is there and why 95% of the answers are within it. So the catchy slogan “think outside the box,” important as it is, needs to be complemented with an equally catchy antithesis. Hence, my proposal:
Respect the Box.

I liked the idea so much it took it as my own motto. It’s simply irresistible for a crusty old conservative like me. With Prof. Volokh’s permission, I also used it to name my website/blog.

Thanks again, Professor!

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